The school day at De La Salle Academy begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 3:10 PM. Students at De La Salle Academy receive individualized schedules which consist of three core courses taught five periods a week and elective subjects taught two periods a week.

The Core Courses include:

  • Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar)

  • Mathematics (number theory, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, etc.)

  • Foreign Language: Spanish I – IV and French I


The Required Courses include:

  • Adolescent Psychology (required for 8th graders)

  • American Studies (required for 7th and  8th graders)

  • Ancient Civilizations (required for 6th graders)

  • General Science (required for 6th graders)

  • Geography (required for 7th graders)

  • Introduction to Biology (required for 7th graders)

  • Moral and Ethics (required for 8th graders)

  • Physical Science (required for 8th graders)

  • Public Speaking (required before graduation)

  • Social Justice/Community Service Project (required for 8th graders).


The Elective Courses include:

  • Art I/Still Life

  • Being a Truly “Wise” Person

  • Chemistry

  • Civil Rights

  • Doing Science

  • Faith and the Face of God

  • Global Studies

  • Math Lab

  • Music 1

  • Politics and Society

  • Shakespeare

  • Still Life: Indoors and Out

  • Tell Us a Story


In addition to academic courses, students are also enriched through programing that encourage the development of leadership skills, supportive relationships with peers and adults, and mental health. Some of these programs include:


  • Advisory

  • 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade retreats

  • 8th-grade men and women’s workshops

  • Support groups

  • Individual counseling

  • 7th grade evaluation

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