Daquan Daly '08

Biology Teacher, Coach, and Dorm Parent at the Woodberry Forest School 

My name is Daquan Daly and I graduated from De La Salle Academy in 2008. After De La Salle, I attended Westtown School in West Chester, PA and then on to Williams College. At Williams, I was a biology major with a concentration in Spanish Language, Literature & Culture. I also ran cross country and track & field throughout my time at Westtown and Williams. After graduating from Williams in 2016 I joined the faculty of Woodberry Forest School in Virginia as a biology teacher, coach and dorm parent. After two years in central Virginia, I began the pursuit of my goal to become a physician at Emory University School of Medicine.

In fourth grade, my physical education teacher pulled me aside and planted a bug in my ear. She told me about a school called De La Salle Academy. Interestingly, another student from my elementary school, Mark Cort ’07, was attending DLSA at the time. 


Choosing to attend De La Salle was one of the best decisions my family and I have made! De La Salle has been incredibly formative for me. There I found a community that loved me for my quirky, nerdy self. I learned how to be a brother to others and how to see every being as an extension of my family. I always tell my friends that my middle school experience made me into the man I am today. De La Salle gave me the confidence to question the world and to pursue my passion: a career in medicine.


As time passes and I become further and further removed from my time at De La Salle, it has become blatantly evident how special the school truly is. There are few schools in the world that create a safe environment for students — so much so that the students stay until 5 or 6 P.M. doing homework or just hanging out. There are few schools that encourage middle schoolers to think beyond themselves and imagine themselves as agents of change. There are few schools that remind students that they are in the presence of God and the holy presence of each other. De La Salle changed my life and for that, I will always be grateful. 

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