High School Placement

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the High School Placement Program.  We, at De La Salle Academy, take great pride in the support and counsel we offer to our students and their families as they embark on the journey toward their educational lives after middle school.  Thousands of students have passed through our doors, benefited from our program, and reached high levels of achievement. As a result of their character, academic excellence, leadership qualities, and community spirit, our graduates are sought after by the most competitive public and private secondary schools in New York City, and the nation.  Henceforth, they go on to enroll at numerous prestigious colleges and universities.

Our exmissions process is detailed, comprehensive and personal.  Meetings with families commence in the spring of the seventh-grade year.  At this time, parents are introduced to the high school landscape and guided as they begin to explore those schools best suited to their child’s particular gifts, talents, and aspirations.  During the summer after seventh grade, students attend high school entrance exam preparation classes at De La Salle Academy free of cost.  

Over the course of your child’s final year, I work closely with you through individual conferences and group meetings; providing guidance and information concerning pertinent benchmark dates and deadlines.  Throughout the fall of eighth grade, students and parents visit schools and complete applications, while our team dedicates itself to writing recommendations and offering additional supports to students.  By the spring, high school decision notifications are released, and families make their final choices.

The faculty and I are committed to facilitating your child’s seamless transition to high school and do remain in regular communication throughout every step of this journey.  We are delighted to address any concerns and questions you may have along the way.


I look forward to working in partnership with you as we help our children matriculate in high schools that will enrich, nurture and place them on a path to lifetime success.


All the best,


Mildred Morency

High School Placement Director

For a list of high schools that the DLSA Class of 2019 will be attending click here.

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