Our Mission

To offer academically talented, economically less advantaged children of diverse backgrounds a life-changing educational experience in grades 6-8, where they are empowered to reach their full potential. With the support of caring and dedicated teachers, students are introduced to an innovative yet challenging academic curriculum, strong core values, character development, and they learn to foster a sense of community. Upon graduation, our youngsters are well-equipped to become the leaders of tomorrow. De La Salle believes in a need-blind admissions process to ensure that students are evaluated based solely on their merits and not on their families’ ability to pay.

Our Core Values Are…


  • To provide each student with a learning environment where the issues of the spirit are respected equally with those of the intellect, and where God’s presence is recalled and revered

  • To instill in each youngster a pride in being who they are, an acceptance of diversity, and a humble gratitude for the gifts God has given them.

  • To train our students to recognize and make a personal commitment to becoming involved in the issues of social justice and community.

  • To expose the students to teachers who relish the intellectual life and delight in sharing with the students the joys of the world of ideas.

  • To be a place where the students can be loved and learn to love appropriately.

  • To be a force in the movement to refound and revitalize education for the poor.

  • To be a countersign to parents who are despairing for the education of their children.

  • To emphasize innovation in education for children with special talents.

De La Salle Academy
332 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

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For general inquiries email us at reception@dlsanyc.org or call 212-316-5840

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