Parents and families are key to their child's success. They are an integral part of our community. De La Salle Academy's parents particpate fully and appropriately in the educational experience of their children. They are committed to their children's academic sucess.


De La Salle Academy lives out the true meaning of parental involvement in the education process. Through seminars, workshops, retreats, picnics, field trips and high school visits organized for parents, the school ensures that parents are adequately informed and empowered to help their young ones to make the best of their time at De la Salle and be prepared to make informed choices based on enduring values. Parents are required to attend school events, parent-teacher conferences, retreats and workshops for parents. 



De La Salle is a mission-driven school, a mission that has been a profound blessing to our family and our four children as it has been to hundreds of other families and youngsters who have come through its well-guarded doors. De La Salle lives out its mission every day – in the quality of the education it imparts, in the dedication of its outstanding faculty, in the nurturing community it fosters within its four walls, in the principles of godly living, leadership, service and collaboration that it passionately espouses and practices, in the confident sense of self that it instills in the students, and in the opportunity it gives to the students through the partnerships and resources it brings to the school.


Our family is truly indebted to De La Salle’s faculty and staff for giving our children an academically challenging and value-centered education. It is a foundation they will cherish for a long time to come. You all have played the roles of teacher, parent and mentor for our children. Above all, we are indebted to Brother Brian for the vision that led to De La Salle. Your labor of love on behalf of academically talented but economically  less advantaged children in our city is an enduring reminder of the power of vision. You remind us that one person – each of us – can indeed make a difference.


Elizabeth and Emeka Anunkor
parents of Ifeoma ’96, Chinonyerem ’99, Azuka 2001, and Nneka 2007

De La Salle Academy
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