Zhenny Gong '08

Investment Banking Analyst at Citi 

gained a rather large quantity of brothers and sisters in a day, but more importantly, through my time at De La Salle, I learned about the importance of giving back to others, how the meaning of “family” can extend past blood relatives, and to always strive to be caring, kind, and loving.


De La Salle became much more than “just a school” for me it became a home away from home. Some of my fondest memories are learning about “weird” subjects I never thought middle schools taught before (adolescent psychology, cultural anthropology), getting ‪ pizza with my friends after school, writing birthday cards for other students in my free time, and staying at school until 5 or ‪6 PM just to finish homework and hang out with the other students. 


Since graduating from De La Salle, Brother Brian and the experiences and lessons I learned during my time there have gotten me through every stage in my life. The support of the community at De La Salle has been instrumental in shaping who I was and who I continue to be, from my time in high school, college, and beyond. While adjusting to life at boarding school was a hard transition for me, knowing that I had a strong support system behind me made all the difference. Brother Brian has always been there to cheer me up. In college, uncertain of the path I would take and the career I would lead, it was the community at De La Salle that encouraged me to venture into the unknown and ultimately, led me to pursue financial services as an investment banker. I have been truly lucky and blessed to be part of a community that has never given up on me and always encouraged me to pursue my passions. 


I can only aspire to set the great example that my older brothers and sisters at De La Salle have set for me, and at the end of the day, De La Salle isn’t just a middle school – it’s a family, a network, and a community.

My name is Zhenny Gong. I graduated from De La Salle Academy in 2008. After De La Salle Academy, I attended Phillips Exeter Academy and ultimately Bates College, where I majored in economics and minored in Math. After graduating from Bates in 2016 I joined Citi as an investment banking analyst in the mergers & acquisitions group.

Coming to De La Salle as a seventh grader was an eye-opening experience for me, to say the least. I not only

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